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Upcoming Events

May 28-31

May 28-31

Greens Aerification - Course Closed

June 6, 1:00

Duck's Unlimited Tournament

June 22

Grenada Home Center 4 Man Scramble

Aug 15, 9:00

GHS Golf Match (9 holes)

Aug 22, 9:00

GHS Golf Match (9 holes)

Sep 18

Bruce HS Golf Match (18 holes)

Sep 19, 10:00

Southern Seniors

Sep 26, 10:00

ITPA 2 Player Tournament

Oct 2

Bruce HS Golf Match (18 holes)

Oct 3, 10:00

Salute To Industry Tournament

Oct 20-22

Girls Class I State Tournament - Course Closed beginning Sunday at 1:00




The Dogwoods Golf Course at Hugh White State Park takes full advantage of the natural beauty surrounding Grenada Lake.  Deep woods enclose undulating fairways leading to large, inviting greens.  A variety of tee boxes give each hole a different look and play, giving long hitters a challenge while giving opportunity to those with less distance.  A nature lover’s course, The Dogwoods was carved out of the forest with only necessary clearing.  The hilly layout demands sharp skills and accurate ball-striking.  The Dogwoods will be a favorite of every golfer that plays the course.

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